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Jayco Camper Trailer DIY Annual Service

We love to travel with our Jayco Hawk Outback camper under tow, it has provided us with comfortable mobile accommodation in some of the most remote places around and has been very reliable as well. The reliability doesn’t happen by chance, each year before we head off on our adventures we undertake a service to ensure everything is in good working order and we catch anything that’s failing before we head off.

The service generally takes a full day to a day and a half to perform, but it’s well worth it. If you’re a DIYer and would like to give the service a try, we’ve videoed the whole process into two videos and have uploaded them to YouTube – you’ll find the links below: 

Jayco Camper DIY Service Part 1 Video
Jayco Camper DIY Service part 2 Video

There’s also a PDF checklist for the service in our Files / Resources Page

Happy and safe travels!


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