• Cookin' Up a Storm

    Hearty Cowboy Style Savoury Mince Jaffles

    Jaffles at the campsite, with a hearty savoury mince filling that packs a little heat – what’s not to love! A fresh autumn day was just perfect for cooking up this hearty cowboy style savoury mince over the fire, then placing it between well-buttered bread slices in the jaffle irons.  Which jaffle iron do you think is the best – square or round? We both like the good old round ones which I guess are…

  • Cookin' Up a Storm

    Campfire Paella – A Delicious & Traditional Spanish Camp Dinner

    Camp Paella

    Paella is a meal we love to cook while camping, especially when we can have a fire. And if we don’t have a fire, we still love to cook this traditional Spanish dish on the gas. This isn’t a difficult dish to make, but there is some chopping (very therapeutic) and trust us, it’s worth it for the end result! This hearty and delicious rice dish that is known around the globe has its origins…

  • Cookin' Up a Storm

    3 Favourite Camp Breakfasts: Breakfast Hash, Camp Crumpets and Overnight Muesli

    3 favorite camp brekkies

    A tasty and filling camp breakfast is just the best – and we share three of our favourites: Breakfast Hash, Camp Crumpets and Overnight Muesli. All of these recipes use readily available ingredients, not a lot of utensils, and are easy to prepare when you are travelling. Joe loves a hearty Breakfast Hash and this one is delicious. The addition of chorizo and both sweet smoked and hot paprika take this breakfast dish to the…

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    How to Clean a Camp Oven…the Easy Way!

    How do you clean a cast iron camp oven with minimal fuss? Does the thought of cleaning last night’s fat and grime based roast dinner camp oven terrify you? Does the sight of a dried meat and slime encrusted scouring pad give you shivers? Do you worry that you’ll use 75% of your water supply to get that mongrel camp oven clean? Then this video could be your answer! No detergents or harsh abrasives required.…

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    Tasty Camp Roast in the Coleman Camp Oven

    Camp Roast

    How do we do it? We cook a roast chicken dinner on the road. We don’t have an oven in our camper, don’t have a closed BBQ like a Weber or Ziggy, and this time we don’t even have a campfire! But we do own a Coleman Camp Oven which comes with us on every trip. It is the perfect solution for us in the event of windy weather, or if there are campfire bans…