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Boondooma Homestead & Heritage Complex, Qld

This heritage listed homestead is one of the few remaining examples of an elegant wooden home built in the 1850s. Some of the original structures that were built onsite, and used by the early settlers, have been preserved for visitors to wander through and enjoy. There is an onsite museum, with much of the collection having come from within the boundaries of the original Boondooma Station.

This property was first settled in 1846, with the main buildings, formal homestead garden and many trees dating from the mid 1850s. Robert and Alexander Lawson, along with their business partner Robert Alexander, all from Scotland began as squatters on the land, then applied for a number of adjacent leases. The combined leases totalled an area of 958 square miles. In the 1920s, the leases ran out and were resumed by the Government and put up for ballot.

You will find Boondooma Homestead in the South Burnett region of Queensland, Australia, not too far from Kingaroy or Dalby. If you are travelling through, consider a night or two here – you won’t regret your decision. To find out more about staying at Boondooma Homestead, visit their website:

You can view our two Boondooma Homestead videos on our YouTube channel:

Take a Look Around Boondooma Homestead and Heritage Complex (drone footage):

There’s More! Boondooma Homestead, Look Inside the Old Buildings:

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