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7 Super Simple Hacks For Your Jayco Camper + Bonus Tips

Keen for some super simple hacks and tips for your Jayco Camper Trailer? In this video, Joe shares some incredibly simple and cheap hacks and tips that he loves and has used often. You could do these hacks on your own camper quickly, and with not a lot of expense:

  • Make a simple clothes line;
  • Check the level of gas in your bottles – Joe will show you two simple methods;
  • Quickly check the level of the water in your tank without fancy monitors;
  • A quick fix your pole carrier end caps;
  • Bed end pole hack for windy weather;
  • How to stabilise (level) the legs of your folding camp table;
  • Warmer bed ends for those really cold nights;
  • A simple use for your awning track hangers;

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Joe has put together a handy Information Sheet, which you can download on this link: Hints-and-Hacks.pdf

We always enjoy hearing of other camper’s hacks and tips, so please share yours in the comments. 

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