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The Speedy Stitcher – DIY Canvas & Vinyl Repairs

The Speedy Stitcher is one of Joe’s favourite camper tools.  He has had the Speedy Stitcher for a number of years and has undertaken many a canvas repair to our Jayco Hawk Outback camper.  He has also managed to do running repairs on camp chairs, which is fabulous when you are in the outback and there are no camping or repair stores nearby.

The Speedy Stitcher AWL is not expensive, but is a valuable tool that allows you to DIY repairs.  It isn’t hard to use, just use it a few times and you will be as confident as Joe to get those repairs done.

You can watch Joe’s demonstration of the Speedy Stitcher in our video on YouTube:

Tackling a big job on a bed end fly

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