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3 Favourite Camp Breakfasts: Breakfast Hash, Camp Crumpets and Overnight Muesli

A tasty and filling camp breakfast is just the best – and we share three of our favourites: Breakfast Hash, Camp Crumpets and Overnight Muesli. All of these recipes use readily available ingredients, not a lot of utensils, and are easy to prepare when you are travelling.

Joe loves a hearty Breakfast Hash and this one is delicious. The addition of chorizo and both sweet smoked and hot paprika take this breakfast dish to the next level! We hope you try this one out next time you are on the road.

Camp Crumpets are the bomb! Since Joe started cooking these, we have not purchased pre-packaged crumpets – nor will we ever! They are truly easy to make, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well they cook and taste. You just need a little prep time to get the batter together and let it prove before the cooking commences. (We take our little old dog, Buddy for a walk whilst this is happening.) We are confident that if you try these once you will be cooking them again and again. Let us know how you go with these, we’d love to hear from you.

We like to prepare an Overnight Muesli during the afternoon or evening prior to a travel day. Having such a simple but nutritious pre-prepared breakfast ensures we get on the road a little quicker. The hardest aspect of this recipe is deciding what topping you would like to have with your muesli. You can even take this one with you to have with a coffee along the road if you don’t like to eat too early in the morning. Just place the prepped muesli into individual containers before refrigerating and you’re done. Each of these dishes can be prepared and cooked inside your caravan or camper if the weather is too unpleasant for cooking outside.

Get your recipe sheets from the File/Resources menu tab at the top of this page. They can be downloaded and printed.

To see us cooking up these recipes, head over to our YouTube channel:

Bon Appetit!


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