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We Lost the World’s Longest Fence

The Dingo Fence, or Wild Dog Barrier Fence as it is correctly called, starts in the north-east of Australia, between Jandowae and Jimbour in the Western Downs region of Queensland. It then makes it way through Queensland, western New South Wales and into South Australia, ending to the west of Eyre Peninsula. The fence was constructed to help prevent livestock loss from these predators.

We really enjoyed driving approximately half of the 110km Dingo Fence Tourist Drive…before we lost the fence. We spotted some large Prickly Pears along the way, and in the video Joe shares his knowledge of the Cactoblastis Moth that was introduced into Australia to eradicate Prickly Pear. Did you know you can eat Prickly Pear fruit?

  Cooper’s Gap Wind Farm is located near Cooranga North, between Dalby and Kingaroy – not far at all from where we based ourselves in Jandowae. Installation of the final wind turbine was completed in April 2020 – there are a total of 123 wind turbines at the Cooper’s Gap Wind Farm.

You can view We Lost the World’s Longest Fence video on our YouTube channel:  https://youtu.be/YosQJ9V-edQ

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