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Mt Glorious Subtropical Rainforest Walk, Qld

Mt Glorious is located just to the north-west of Brisbane in the D’Aguilar Range National Park.  We took a walk to Greenes Falls and saw huge strangler figs, twisted roots, interesting fungi and a ‘land mullet’ – a large skink (lizard).  The walk to the Falls was mostly downhill which was great until we realised it would be an uphill walk back to Maiala Day Use Area.  We enjoyed our walk so much that we tacked on the Rainforest Circuit on our way back to Maiala, a total of about 5.5km on a humid and hot summers day.

Interestingly, Maiala was once the site of a flourishing sawmill in the 1860s.  Today, it is a quiet and peaceful location to enjoy a picnic after a walk.  If you are lucky, you may even get to see a pademelon or two – a small marsupial which is native to Australia and New Guinea.

You can view our Greenes Falls and Rainforest Circuit video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/q1GueRj9Ho0

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